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Andre the Rescue Dog


Starved, Shot With A BB Gun, Eyes Severely Injured, Thrown Out of a Car in a Plastic Bag, Left to Die.

Here Is Andre's Story

On January 3rd, 2012, Cedric Conwright was on his daily afternoon walk not far from his Tolleson home when he saw a car drive by and throw out a black plastic bag. Cedric saw the contents of the sack move and when he nudged it with his foot he heard a whimper. It sounded like a dog, but who could do that to a dog? Ripping open the bag, he found a small, injured dog curled up inside. It was alive and Cedric wondered how that was possible as he discovered that his eyes were covered in slime, was very thin, and badly abused but yet was still alive due to its injuries.

Cedric tried to take care of this little dog for 2 days and realized that it needed much more care. Cedric contacted Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and from there MCACC sent a call out for assistance. Susy Hopkins from the Feathers Foundation, a non-profit organization, specializing in the care of injured and neglected animals responded to MCACC call. On January 20th, 2012, Susy waited and was amazed that Andre, who was named by the volunteer driver who transported Andre, was still alive. Susy was able to find an emergency clinic that was going to treat Andre and it was at this time Andre was found to be approximately a 4 year old miniature pinscher.

Andre began to respond to treatment over the next few days and was going to survive. Susy began to focus on Andre's future which meant finding a loving home for Andre. On February 11th, 2012, Sandy Powers saw Andre's story on a local TV news station, and like so many, was horrified to hear the details about Andre's abuse. Sandy instantly knew that she wanted Andre and would be able to give him a loving home. When Sandy met Andre for the first time, it was "Love at First Sight". Sandy knew she would be able to give Andre the love that he deserved and that she was more than able to care for Andre. Today Andre lives with Sandy and is very much loved. Andre has learned to step slowly and carefully following nearby voices to guide him through a world he can no longer see. Andre loves to be held and sung to.

The communities hearts poured out to Andre, and because he touched so many, the community donated from $5 to $60 which totaled to $17,000. Due to Andre's medical bills, $5,000 was used for his care and the remaining was used for other abused and neglected pets. This clearly shows that we as a society will not tolerate animal abuse.

It's amazing how a tiny little spirit, touched so many hearts. Sandy said, "I want to reassure everyone he is well cared for and loved. Everything he needs, he will get. He will have the best possible life from now on."

Sadly, on October 6th, 2012, "Andre the Rescue Dog" passed away due to his injuries.

You can also follow Andre on Facebook under: "Andre the Rescue Dog"

"Now for the first time, Andre can no longer see the world.....for the first time the World sees Andre"


Every year Bills are introduced in Arizona. Bills that protect our pets and wildlife, however many Bills never get hearings. We are asking our communities to "GET INVOLVED", and participate and help. Just 5 minutes to make calls to our Legislators, 10 minutes to send a quick email and 15 minutes to write a letter or a day to join us on Humane Society of the United Sates Lobby Day. We cannot ignore the fact that our pets and wildlife need our help. Legislative Session 2012, HB2780 Animal Cruelty, Ranching Dogs was signed into law, a law that weakens Arizona's Animal Cruelty Law's. This is why we need to "GET INVOLVED"

Humane Lobby Day was on February 4, 2014. Ordinary people who care about our pets and wildlife made a difference. YOU can make a difference, and DO make a difference, because WE all make a difference, on Humane Lobby Day. If you want to participate in future Lobby Days. Contact:

Kari Nienstedt
Arizona State Director

For a complete listing of this year's Bills introduced in 2014, go to our new website, http://www.fabianslaw.org

How do I find or contact my Legislators?


Want to see if your Legislator cares about Animal Issues? Humane Voters of Arizona keeps a scorecard of Legislators in your District, on how they vote on important Animal Issues. This is where WE make a difference, by letting our Legislators know how you want them to Please support Animal Issues.


Do you wonder who supports Animal Issues? Wonder what organizations work to make a difference for our pets and wildlife? Wonder who needs our help every year when our Legislature is in session?
These are just a few of the many that work together to make a difference.

Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA)
Arizona's Statewide Animal Protection Organization


Humane Society of the United States


Humane Society Legislative Fund


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
We Are Their Voice


If Our Legislators Cannot Take Care Of Our Pets and Our Wildlife, How Do We Expect Them to Take Care of Us.

Thank You to the many Legislators that do support Animal Issues and continue to fight for "Those That Cannot Speak, and Cannot See".

Only WE can stop Animal Cruelty, by "GETTING INVOLVED".

For those of you who are already "INVOLVED" THANK YOU.

We want you to know that ordinary people can make a difference by

Animal Cruelty is a Crime.

Contact your Local Law Enforcement if you witness or suspect animal cruelty.


In 2010, Fabian's Law was passed to protect the rights of Responsible Dog Owners. We continue to support victims of "Aggressive Dog" attacks.

We have expanded our fight to also speak for Victims of Animal Cruelty.

We cannot turn our back on the victims. They need our help.