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Fabian's Supporters

We like to thank the following supporters for Fabian’s Law.

Without your dedication and support to this cause, it would not have been possible.

· To God, who gave us Fabian and quickly took him away, because now we see why.

· To Fabian who will live forever.

· Ken Sturgis, our computer expert who updated and kept Fabian’s Law website organized and is our biggest supporter because he did this without being compensated.

· To the many people who took time to Promote, Write, Email and made Phone calls to our State Legislators, and to those that signed our petitions.

· To the many Dog Groomers across Arizona who displayed “Fabian’s Law” flyers.

· To Governor Janice Brewer who signed into Law H.B. 2137.

· Dr. Rodrigo Silva, Director Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, the composer of the Law we now call Fabian’s Law.

· Sheriff Joe M. Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, “I will support any law that will protect our animals”.

· Representative Steve Montenegro, Sponsor of House Bill 2720.

· Senator Al Melvin, Sponsor of Senate Bill 1534, “who never gave up”.

· Representative Tom Chabin, Sponsor of House Bill 2137, who allowed his Bill to be amended to include the Language of Senate Bill 1534. Representative Chabin became our "Hero" in our darkest hour.

· Senator Kyrsten Sinema for her work that made Fabian's Law happen.

· To all the State Legislators that voted “AYES” for the passing of Fabian’s Law, in the House and the Senate.

· To Dan Nichols (asst. to Rep. Montenegro), Phyllis Heivilin (asst. to Senator Melvin) and Jennifer Benally (asst. to Rep. Chabin), who answered our many questions and kept us informed on the progress of the Bills.

· Representatives Nancy McLain, Debbie Lesko and her assistant Maureen Williams, who first informed us about HB2044, Legislative Session 2010.

· Former Representative David Lujan

· Kari Nienstedt, State Director, Humane Society of the United States

· Camelwest Animal Hospital

· Mara Goebel, Hospice of the Valley, Pet Loss Support Group

· Heather and Staff, Pets Club

· VIP Grooming

· Karen Michael, Animal Defense League of Arizona

· DogsBite.org

· Craven Desires

· American Dog Owners Association (ADOA)

· Law Office of Peter M. Gorski

· Sue Higbee, Sue’s Pet Friends

· Kim MacCrone, Vetekchic on Wheels

· Susan Luffey, Pampered Pets & Plants Inc.

· Gabriel’s Angels Inc.

· Maizie Miller, Maizie’s Bistro

· Cindy Ownes, WestValley Petsitting

· United Pet Care

· Camp Bow Wow, Peoria

· Staples

· Glendale West Rotary Club

· A Special Thanks to Phyllis M. Daugherty, Opposing Views, for her many, many articles and words of encouragement.

· Also to Twila Colville whose daughter‘s dog Leroy, a Gabriel’s Angels therapy dog was attacked. Twila strongly supported Fabian’s Law from Pennsylvania.

· Thanks to Tyler Baldwin, Channel 3 News, who advised us not to wait till November to gain support for our cause, which later we called Fabian‘s Law.

· Jennifer Parks, ABC 15 News, for her numerous reports on victims that supported Fabian’s Law.

· Dan Spindle, Fox 10 News

· Tamott Wolverton, Channel 12 News

· Jason Kadah, Channel 5 News

· Haley Buntrock, State Press Television

· Cecilia Chan, Arizona Republic, for her outstanding Articles on Fabian’s Law.

· Kaitlin Hartnett, News Link

· Yvonne Gonzalez, State Press Reporter

· Debra LaRue, Valley Focus

· West Valley View

· Arizona Capitol Times

· Holbrook Tribune

· The Scoop, Winslow, Arizona

And, to the many more that wrote article’s on Fabian’s Law.

Thank You all who purchased Fabian’s Law T-shirts, keep spreading the word.