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Chronological Summary

· On February 15, 2011, at the House of Representatives at the Arizona State Capitol, the Government Committee voted on HB2720.

· On March 10, 2011, SB1534 passed 'unanimously' (vote was 30 For, 0 Against) in the Senate and is headed back to the House committee for final hearings.

o SB1534 had been assigned to the Government and Judiciary Committees in the House.

o Fabian's Law became an Amendment to HB2137 Dogs and Cats Sterilization Bill.

· On April 7, 2011, HB2137 passed the Senate (vote was 25 For, 3 Against, 2 No Votes), and is in the House for final proceedings.

· On April 19, 2011, our State Legislators then passed HB2137 (vote was 57 For, 3 Against).

· On April 25, 2011, Governor Janice Brewer signed into Law, HB2137.

Our Legislative Story

On February 15, 2011, Richard and Sally Andrade (Founders of Fabian’s Law) testified before the Government Committee at the House of Representatives at the Arizona State Capitol on behalf of HB2720 sponsored by Representative Steve Montenegro. The Government Committee voted on HB2720 to continue to proceed through the Legislative process.

This is an account on what happened after this Committee (Fiftieth Legislature, First Regular Session, 2011):

Two bills were introduced this Session. HB2720 sponsored by Representative Steve Montenegro and SB1534 sponsored by Senator Al Melvin.

HB2720 stalled in the House but SB1534 made it through the Senate with a majority vote.

Unfortunately, SB1534 was assigned to the House Government and Judicial Committees the day before the last day of hearing Senate Bills in the House.

In our darkest hour, when Sally and I were brainstorming on what to do for next year, Senator Melvin asked Representative Tom Chabin if his bill, HB2137 Dogs and Cats Sterilization, could be amended to include the language of SB1534. Representative Chabin agreed because his bill already had been through the House and was in the Senate going through the Legislative process. HB2137 then passed through the Senate.

Because HB2137 had been through the committee process in the House, all Representative Chabin had to do was "concur" to the Amendment on HB2137.

Sally and I, along with Kari Nienstedt (State Director from the Humane Society of the United States), were present at the Final Read in the House of Representatives.

On April 19, 2011, we watched as our Legislators voted.

This was the last step in the process, and HB2137 was on its way to the Governor for signing.

On April 25, 2011, Governor Janice Brewer signed HB2137 into law.

With this law, irresponsible dog owners will be held accountable for an “aggressive dog” attack and/or the killing of our Furry Family Members, including stiffer penalties for attacks and/or seriously injuring a person.